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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Regarding Donald Trump, I Called It A Year Ago

I called on his bluffs, his game, his inevitable defeat, all over a year ago when he had actually thrown his lot into the race. It's being disclosed these days, although not all over the mainstream media (talk about biased against Trump. NOT!) like you'd think it would be, that he's taking a lot of the money the Republican party has received in order to make himself richer. And he's also doing that to finance a new TV network that will consist of some of the veterans of Fox News. You know, because Fox News is in self-destruct mode over all of the scandals that have broken out as of late. Matt Lauer, given his total fucking joke of an "interview" (more like propaganda fluff-session amirite?), can shove his career up his lame ass for that softball interview on Wednesday.

I always knew that this guy was all-talk, all flip-flop, and nothing that he said he'd be. I always knew that because he knows that nutjobs pay attention to "controversial" content, such as the soundbites he spews on a daily basis, it's the reason he continues to do so even as his chances of winning the race tumbles. He always knew he wouldn't win. It's why his campaign is almost unarguably the most ridiculous, celebrity-politics-laden, shit-flinging circus ever witnessed in American history. And the fact that a handful of Americans, and people abroad, supported this guy is indicative of mental health issues in such people. Not that I am slamming the mentally ill, because they're good people. Oh and despite all his talks about having support from Blacks and the Latino & Hispanic crowds, the actual numbers paint an entirely opposite story of what he's trying to sell. Dubiously at that.

We have all heard or seen people justify their support with something like, "because he tells it like it is/because he's honest", and we have always laughed at those people. You know, because those people clearly are sleep-walking through life, or have such a low standard of politicians that they will buy any snake-oil sold to them, especially if that snake-oil is not the usual variety.

When he said that he would put up a wall, I called bullshit. You know why? It would cost billions. Then it turned out that he wanted those same Mexicans to pay for the construction of that wall. Enrico has since spanked his ass on this matter, saying before any formalities occurred in their meeting recently that he wasn't going to pay for it. You know Donald Trump felt bad that he had to lie to everyone about how it went down -- again. The other problem with building a wall is that if an immigrant wants to get into the USA, they will find a way. Penn & Teller: Bullshit! showed in one episode just how pointless a wall would be. Hint: they just dug underneath the wall. Donald even had the gall to compare his would-be wall, it this were a fantasy land anyway, to the great wall of fucking China! Billions down the drain indeed.

Then later on he said he'd deport over 11 million illegal immigrants. Never mind the headaches behind carrying out such an endeavor. It would bite the USA in the ass. I know a lot of mouth breathing, typically right-wing dropkicks eat up any anti-immigration rhetoric they hear but come on, people, this is the real world. You can't just up and deport over 11 million people without some sort of cataclysm happening. Be it social, political, or economical, something BAD would happen if this were to be carried out. BILLIONS would have to be spent. Time would be wasted. Lots of money being made based on the hard work most of these people do in the USA would be lost. And remember: these people are taking the jobs that no home-grown American actually wants to do. So why do they care? And that's why Donald Trump pretends to care about this issue. Because a bunch of troglodytes have no idea what they're talking about but they're so passionate about it that Donald Trump knows he can rely on them to bolster what little credibility he actually has.

This is where the "he wants to bang his daughter" thing all started.

And then there's the Muslim thing. People are scared, of course, even though they shouldn't be because that's what these terror-fucks want. Yet the way to respond to these attacks, which really aren't as commonplace as some would think (consider this: nearly EVERY DAY they attack people within the countries they occupy in the middle-east), is not to BAN MUSLIMS FROM TRAVELING TO THE USA. You don't punish the 1.5 billion PLUS Muslims for the actions of probably just a few thousand. You find a better way to deal with this problem. The first step is not to give these terror groups what they want. You know, ostracized, angry Muslims who have no qualms about attacking the west because the west is racist/bigoted towards them. THIS IS WHAT THE BAD GUYS WANT. And to call them terrorists in the first place emboldens them, because it lends them an air of relevance. Does nobody know that they are losing more members than they are gaining? They are desperate, and people like Donald Trump are playing right into their traps. They want more members, and they want us to be scared. We really shouldn't be. And we really shouldn't try to piss off more Muslims by violating their basic rights, including their first amendment rights.

And you know what is the worst thing? He has never actually detailed how he would do anything he says he's gonna do. He's all talk and no action, just the way he has been his whole failure of a life. He's the definitive image of how having money does not indicate success or class. He has no idea what he is doing, talks out his ass constantly, lives on controversy, and is probably dumber than Sarah Palin and believe me that is a FEAT for the GODS!

He's a blowhard. A two-faced racist. Dodged the draft through deferments but is willing to denigrate John McCain who actually did serve. Can't run his own businesses (hires 'yes men' to do it for them). Failed at running a casino. Lies about his own self-worth and the value of his businesses & properties. Owes billions of dollars. Has shady connections to the Russian government, and probably wishes he were Putin's doormat. Is perfectly willing to be a useful idiot for radical Islam. Tucks his tail between his legs any time someone (easily) debunks any of his inane ramblings and policies. Is a compulsive liar. He flip-flops more often than anybody I remember in political history. Probably wants to bang his own daughter. He's also a colossal hypocrite when it comes to, well, ANYTHING that comes out of his mouth. Hires illegal immigrants but doesn't pay them. Hires ghost-writers for his books (like a lot of blowhards do. What's up with that, eh?) yet brags about having "written books." Bragged about his I.Q score but noticeably lacks any signs of having such a score. Is as eloquent as a roided-up teenager who can't read worth a damn. Wears a hairpiece. And is probably an embarrassment to his father who is definitely rolling around in his grave right now.

Need I say more?

What a joke. And all of his supporters are jokes. Good luck with your TV network you fucking tool. Finally, to all of the most vocal supporters and goons that enable this hack, you wouldn't know credibility if it shot you in your idiot fucking faces.

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