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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A White Lie | "Anguish" Poetry Collection

I lied last time.

I said that I was done with my project, finally at that! Well, as these things tend to do, I suddenly came up with another entry to add to the (now 16 strong) pool of poems. When I read it it does come off as pretty melodramatic, pretty sad stuff, at least if I consider the readers' perspective.

Oh and having talked about it with someone close, I thought I should disclose that I don't want any readers to think that I am actively considering suicide or anything like that. These poems, when released, will be an artistic reflection of the times that have haunted me throughout my life. They will be nothing more than that. After all, the band members comprising the death metal act Cannibal Corpse don't seem to, so far anyway, engage in necrophilia, mass murder, and cannibalism (or any combination thereof) so that logic applies here, too. If I were in dire need of help I'd have sought it already, a long time ago at that.

To bring this post to a close I will state that as of this writing, I am considering all kinds of avenues for publishing. There is the self-publishing route (through a middle-man), the DIY route (the most challenging, painstaking, but surely most gratifying method) or there's considering a publishing house (potentially the most exposure but the least rewarding, should the book be unable to sell more than it costs to put out). I have many options and I have to weigh them all. So this will take a while of course.


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